[CentOS] New System Build

Thu Mar 15 17:29:27 UTC 2007
Mike <centos at silverservers.com>

John R Pierce wrote:
> Mark Hull-Richter wrote:
>> Slightly OT, but what are the best boards for CentOS (if any) and how do
>> ECS boards stack up?
> In my experience Elitegroup aka ECS are only slightly better than PC 
> Chips, which are absolutely the worst.
> now, this doesn't mean that every board these guys make is bad, its 
> quite possible you could get a decent reasonably reliable system from 
> them, but the odds are probably against that.

This is where I jump in and confirm that ECS is a scam and a disaster.  
There are a few models that seem to work well, but most ECS is just 
plain junk.  I've owned and sold a few ECS products and will avoid them 
like I avoid ViewSonic LCD's in the future.
> for that matter, even the best manufacturers have had some flakey 
> boards and designs.    My most reliable homebrew systems have been 
> built around Intel branded motherboards, yet anything in the early P4 
> days using RDRAM was inherently problematic (i850, etc), even worse 
> were any of the Intel RDRAM chipsets that had the SDRAM bridges (i810 
> etc)
> of course, with CentOS 4 and earlier, many of the newest chipsets will 
> have problems with driver support for the onboard peripherals.
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