[CentOS] New System Build

Fri Mar 16 02:49:03 UTC 2007
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

> I have a VIA motherboard, an ABIT KT7A and the ACPI works fine
> with Centos 4.1.  I did have some screen saver issuses at first but
> got around them by using  xscreensaver.

You have not tried to get low latency sensitive cards to work like 
Pinnacle's PCTV card to work.

I also do not have any issues with my VIA box doing anything that is not 
latency sensitive.

I have also managed some VIA chipset server boards from Tyan and they 
were a pain in the neck and kept crashing from time to time under Linux. 
The only time they were stable was when FreeBSD 4.x was running on them 
but then that is because FreeBSD 4.x does not push the hardware as hard 
as Linux and therefore slower than Linux in performance.

Besides, the ACPI issues were with Asus bioses. I heard of an A-bit 
board for AMD Athlon64 cpus that did not require any fancy kernel 
parameter to get stability so I think I will go for A-bit boards without 
VIA chipsets from now on.