[CentOS] Via Eden

Sun Mar 18 04:57:54 UTC 2007
Jed Reynolds <lists at benrey.is-a-geek.net>

Kamill S wrote:
> Hello list,
> i´m looking forward to buy a new server. It should be low voltage so i´m
> thinking of a via eden processor like this one ->
> http://tinyurl.com/3ymlkl (sorry, there´s only a german page).
> Has someone expierence in using a via eden processsor?
I'm using CentOS on a via system I got from LogicSupply.

Some other responders might not give Via systems much respect. I have 
experienced some lockups when doing rsync on the system Ihad and had 
disable disk DMA to keep it stable. However, for $400US, I run a quiet, 
cool home mail server and like it just fine. I'm running more Via 
systems as development network hardware, mostly because of the price. (I 
use different systems for production, my production environment is much 
higher traffic.) The memory bandwidth for Via systems is not stellar. I 
would not expect one of these Via boxes to do Gigabit routing, and I 
wouldn't expect better NAT performance than about 20Mbps when using some 
of these as a firewall or load balancer. If your needs are modest, 
Via+CentOS are an obvious win.

This is the system I run at home, and the southbridge chipset did not 
like disk DMA with sustained network load. Newer chipsets should not 
have this problem.

Note that I've talked to one of the techs at LogicSupply who has 
mentioned that since CentOS runs a slightly older kernel, newer firewire 
or onboard audio chipsets might not be supported in CentOS kernels but 
better supported in Ubuntu or Fedora kernels.