[CentOS] Via Eden

Sun Mar 18 11:18:35 UTC 2007
Kamill S <mailinglist at vp.pl>

Jed Reynolds schrieb:
> Kamill S wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> i´m looking forward to buy a new server. It should be low voltage so i´m
>> thinking of a via eden processor like this one ->
>> http://tinyurl.com/3ymlkl (sorry, there´s only a german page).
>> Has someone expierence in using a via eden processsor?
> I'm using CentOS on a via system I got from LogicSupply.
> http://www.logicsupply.com/
> Some other responders might not give Via systems much respect. I have
> experienced some lockups when doing rsync on the system Ihad and had
> disable disk DMA to keep it stable. However, for $400US, I run a
> quiet, cool home mail server and like it just fine. I'm running more
> Via systems as development network hardware, mostly because of the
> price. (I use different systems for production, my production
> environment is much higher traffic.) The memory bandwidth for Via
> systems is not stellar. I would not expect one of these Via boxes to
> do Gigabit routing, and I wouldn't expect better NAT performance than
> about 20Mbps when using some of these as a firewall or load balancer.
> If your needs are modest, Via+CentOS are an obvious win.
> This is the system I run at home, and the southbridge chipset did not
> like disk DMA with sustained network load. Newer chipsets should not
> have this problem.
> http://www.logicsupply.com/product_info.php/cPath/49/products_id/372
> Note that I've talked to one of the techs at LogicSupply who has
> mentioned that since CentOS runs a slightly older kernel, newer
> firewire or onboard audio chipsets might not be supported in CentOS
> kernels but better supported in Ubuntu or Fedora kernels.
> Jed
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I have decided to buy a MSI Barebone Axis 700 with an Via C7 1000Mhz
processor. The processor correspond with a Celeron ~800 Mhz I think.
This is enough for the little filesever.
E. g. at home I run for my own an old Pentium III with 500 Mhz as
fileserver, firewall, httpd and squid proxy without problems. So a newer
Via C7 should have more performace as my server. I think it´s still a
good idea to buy a Via.