[CentOS] Linux at command

Tue Mar 20 14:52:21 UTC 2007
Michael Velez <mikev777 at hotmail.com>


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> I'm having a problem with the Linux (unix) at command.  I 
> have a program/script that needs to run another 
> program/script within seconds.
> Unfortunately the at command only accepts minutes as input.  
> Therefore, scheduling a command within a minute (i.e. adding 
> 1 minute to the current time), can cause the command to run 
> within 1 to 60 seconds.
> (Add 1 minute to a time such as 11:43:59 will cause it to run 
> at 11:44:00, one second later.)  I don't quite understand why 
> unix has this limitation.
> Is there something else I should be considering? 
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You could just run the other script and run a sleep command at the beginning
of it for a specified number of seconds.  I know it's not clean but at least
it's another avenue to explore.