[CentOS] Linux at command

Tue Mar 20 14:52:19 UTC 2007
Styma, Robert E (Robert) <stymar at alcatel-lucent.com>

> I'm having a problem with the Linux (unix) at command.  I have a
> program/script that needs to run another program/script 
> within seconds.
> Unfortunately the at command only accepts minutes as input.  
> Therefore,
> scheduling a command within a minute (i.e. adding 1 minute to the
> current time), can cause the command to run within 1 to 60 seconds.
> (Add 1 minute to a time such as 11:43:59 will cause it to run at
> 11:44:00, one second later.)  I don't quite understand why 
> unix has this
> limitation.
> Is there something else I should be considering? 
You might want to fire the second script from the first with
whatever delay you deem appropriate and only use at to launch
the first script.

Bob Styma