[CentOS] Re: centos 4.4 dns problem -

Tue Mar 20 23:32:31 UTC 2007
Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin at wildblue.net>

Scott Silva wrote:
> Bob Goodwin spake the following on 3/20/2007 3:22 PM:
>> I've just installed Centos 4.4 on a computer, replacing FC6, and the
>> first thing I find is that DNS does not work no matter what I have in
>> /etc/resolv.conf.  It should at least work with my ISP's assigned server
>> but doesn't.  Numerical URL's work via the browser and ping.  Is there
>> something else I need to attend to?
>> I hope this is the right list for such questions.
>> Thanks.
>> Bob Goodwin
> Named isn't started by default, even if you install caching-nameserver.
I set named to start and it is running but when I do service named 
status I get "rndc: connection to remote host closed" don't know what 
that is telling me?

I need yum working to install caching-nameserver and it wants a working dns.

Bob Goodwin