[CentOS] Re: centos 4.4 dns problem -

Wed Mar 21 08:36:35 UTC 2007
Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin at wildblue.net>

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Bob Goodwin wrote:
>>>>> Named doesn't need to be running if your /etc/resolv.conf points 
>>>>> elsewhere.  Do you have firewalls blocking port 53?
>>>>> 'dig' is usually a reasonable diagnostic tool.
>>>> I tried disabling the firewall, still nothing.
>>>> dig just reports "connection timed out; no servers could be reached"
>>> Is there some reason to think that a working nameserver exists at 
>>> the address(es) in your resolv.conf?
>> Yes definitely, I've used the same list of nameservers on all my 
>> computers!
> Can you test them from something else now?  (And I thought you said in 
> another message there was only one nameserver in your resolv.conf).
Initially I had set up two "opendns" servers that I use on this computer 
as well as the ISP's suggested server, and here I also use 
caching-nameserver.  All of this an attempt to reduce the effect of 
system delays inherent with this satellite ISP.  Anyway I reduced 
resolv.conf to just the ISP's dns when I began to recognize this problem.
>> What has me puzzled is should Centos 4.4 not work as installed from 
>> the CD's? 
> Yes, you are the first to mention a problem like this.  That's why no 
> one is jumping in with an obvious solution.  I'm not sure if I've 
> installed from 4.4 but I'm sure others have and I've upgraded through 
> all the versions.  None had a problem with the dns resolver - that's 
> not something you could overlook.
Ok, knowing that I think I will reinstall.  I am aware of possible 
problems and will use extra care in my responses to the install menu items.

I thank everyone for their suggestions and help. 

Bob Goodwin   Zuni, Virginia