[CentOS] Problems with screensavers / X config

Tue Mar 27 18:12:20 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhull-richter at datallegro.com>

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> And of course I forgot to include the xorg.conf file, so I went and
> read it.  There was this strange thing in the display section - there
> were two described.  The first was the generic 800x600 display, and
> the second was more like mine, so I though, why not comment that out?
> Worst case, I'll have to reboot and fix it.  So I did, then brought it
> back up to level 5, and lo and behol, the 3D functions are working,
> the log has no more of those error lines, and my Gmail message editing
> window doesn't have any more of those cursor droppings when I move
> around without entering anything.
Clarification (it was a long day...):

I commented out the subsection that described the generic monitor and
left in the one that described the 1280x1024 monitor.