[CentOS] Mutt (derived from: Anaconda Slides in "Other Than English")

Tue Mar 27 19:49:12 UTC 2007
Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob at darkover.org>

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On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 04:03:22PM -0300, Leonardo Pinheiro wrote:
> On 3/27/07, Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob at darkover.org> wrote:
> >On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 06:07:48PM +0200, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> >> Not in my mutt >:)
> ><...> but
> >Mutt is defaulting that particular attachment to iso-8859-1 here
> I am sorry, I couldn't understand the Mutt part. Does that mean you've
> been using Mutt? :-)
> How good is it?
> Any comments on the differences (productivity, mail filtering, etc)
> from the graphical mail clients? Why do you use it?

Well, you have lots of questions. Answering all in once:

1- 10 fingers are faster than 2 (keyboard versus mouse)
2- If you know regular expressions, you can do some pretty
   nice stuff with mutt
3- I never found an e-mail client that would give me 1 tenth of the
   productivity I have with mutt
4- My .muttrc file is VERY customized, result of at least 5 years.
   I also have some small patches I created for Mutt itself I use here.
   And I DON'T use Mutt 1.4. Mutt 1.5 is MUCH better.
   My Mutt patches are mostly regarding pgp/gnupg support.
5- My Mutt window is 80x54. Works great.
6- I use the internal pages (for displaying) and VIM for editing
7- Some trick with .mailcap are nice for viewing HTML messages, as well
   as vcards and other stuff. Here is a free sample:

text/html;w3m -O utf-8 -I %{charset} -dump %s;copiousoutput;nametemplate=%s.html

I use a fetchmail + procmail + mutt combo here, in case you are wondering.
My procmail rules are (again) very customized. I actually have started
mixing "screen" to this combo lately, which is great when I want
to access my mail remotely. 

Lets face it, Mutt default configuration sucks. It takes some time and
some learning to reach peak productivity. But it is very worth it.

And last, regarding Mutt (by its author):
"All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less.", circa 1995

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