[CentOS] Zimbra, Scalix or something else..

Wed Mar 28 13:24:08 UTC 2007
John Thomas <gmane-2006-04-16 at jt-socal.com>

> I've played with both Zimbra and Scalix and they seem quite nice and do
> pretty much what I want. I'm now at the point where I am considering
> retiring my trusty old courier-imap service in favour of one of these
> two, unless of course anyone has any other recommendations or
> suggestions. I'd probably be doing this inside a centos 4.4 Xen VMs
> running on centos 5 when it comes out.

I am pleased with the following setup, but first the features:
	1. Sync with Palm (and others)
	2. Instant/push email
	3. Web client
	4. Multi user
	5. Open source / no limits (unfortunately, the palm software is not 
open source)
	6. Active development

	1. Postfix / Amavis new / sql grey / web-cyradm (spam, virus, etc) 
	2. Simon's Cyrus Imap (http://www.invoca.ch/pub/packages/cyrus-imapd/) 
including Idled for push email.
	3. Egroupware (includes a SyncML server for syncing with mobile clients 
and a web interface).  The web interface is a bit "open source looking," 
but works fine. (http://www.egroupware.org).  I use the svn version so 
it is easy to update. (There is a feature for Cyrus Admin, but I have 
not used it).
	4. Chatter email (palm client that supports idled for push email), 
costs money, works awesome (http://www.chatteremail.com/)
	5. Synthesis SyncML Client (sync's contacts, calendars, todo's etc) 
with mobile client, costs money, works