[CentOS] Zimbra, Scalix or something else..

Wed Mar 28 15:44:25 UTC 2007
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

Centos-admin wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've played with both Zimbra and Scalix and they seem quite nice and do
> pretty much what I want. I'm now at the point where I am considering
> retiring my trusty old courier-imap service in favour of one of these
> two, unless of course anyone has any other recommendations or
> suggestions. I'd probably be doing this inside a centos 4.4 Xen VMs
> running on centos 5 when it comes out.
> Also, I'd really appreciate if anyone could share any thoughts and/or
> experiences with Zimbra and Scalix.
I have been using Scalix 10.0 on Centos 4.x for some time.

It runs well on a 600Mhz Pentium 4 with 512Mb memory.  Of course I only 
have a dozen active users, but boy do I get spam...

It has problems with broken XML spam that occationally requires me to 
unload a mailbox, delete everything, then reload it.  This is fixed in 
Scalix 11.

I am running multiple domains with little difficulty.  Oh, and my Scalix 
server is also my primary DNS server.  I use Webmin a lot, even though I 
have over 10 years with BIND.  And also my little bit of web serving.  
Not much at all really.

I have been PLANNING on switching to Scalix 11, but my Round TUIT has 
been otherwise occupied.  So now I am waiting for Centos 5 for the 
Scalix 11 move.  I am putting up a test system, shaking it down, then 
setting up a migration plan where I back up the current server, rebuild 
everything then reload.

It will be fun, but I kind of think this is the best way.  Maybe I 
should see how much another Compaq SFF will cost me so I can do a flat 
switch-out.  (but then I have to build a box with the same host name, IP 
address, etc.).....

I am really happy with Scalix.