[CentOS] Complex sendmail alias handling

Wed Mar 28 17:41:47 UTC 2007
Hugh E Cruickshank <hugh at forsoft.com>

From: John Summerfield Sent: March 28, 2007 00:17
> John Summerfield wrote:
> > Hugh E Cruickshank wrote:
> >>
> >> To be honest I am loathed to even attempt this. Outlook and it's
> >> users
> >> (mostly the later) already cause me too many problems.
> > 
> > Tell 'em Lookout is well-named and recommend Thunderbird instead:-)
> How about imap plus Squirrelmail (web mail)?

The problem I have with that is amount of effort that will take to
"sell", implement and support the solution. I can make recommendations
but that does not mean that they will be automatically accepted. If
I have to spend that much effort on what is essentially a "stop gap"
measure until we implement a ticketing system I might as well spend
the time on the final solution.

All I was really looking for was something that might ease the efforts
I am currently expending to support the current "stop gap" measure. If
that is not possible then I will have to live with things the way they
are until we can proceed to the next level (i.e. a ticketing system).

Thanks again for your input, it is appreciated.

Regards, Hugh

Hugh E Cruickshank, Forward Software, www.forward-software.com