[CentOS] Re: EXT3 fs error on RAID1 device

Thu Mar 29 14:02:59 UTC 2007
centos44 <centos44 at hastek.net>


Rasmus Back:
> I have a Dell SC440 running Centos 4.4. It has two 500GB disks in a
> RAID1 array using linux software raid (md1 is / and md0 is /boot).
> Recently the root file system was remounted read-only for some reason.

I had the very same behavior on a RAIDI set on an Areca controller
(but no software RAID or VMWare). Scary.

I believe if you have the WD drives, it could also be a hardware
issue... look:


Affects 500GB drives. In that particular situation, dmesg said:

EXT3-fs error
gone raid volume
device dm-0
error reading directory

Then the / volume remounted itself RO while also reporting 100%