[CentOS] Re: EXT3 fs error on RAID1 device

Thu Mar 29 14:33:36 UTC 2007
Rasmus Back <rasmus.back at gmail.com>

On 3/29/07, centos44 <centos44 at hastek.net> wrote:
> Hi-
> Rasmus Back:
> > I have a Dell SC440 running Centos 4.4. It has two 500GB disks in a
> > RAID1 array using linux software raid (md1 is / and md0 is /boot).
> > Recently the root file system was remounted read-only for some reason.
> I had the very same behavior on a RAIDI set on an Areca controller
> (but no software RAID or VMWare). Scary.
> I believe if you have the WD drives, it could also be a hardware
> issue... look:
> http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=37188
> http://support.wdc.com/download/index.asp?cxml=n&pid=15&swid=57
> Affects 500GB drives. In that particular situation, dmesg said:
> EXT3-fs error
> gone raid volume
> device dm-0
> error reading directory
> Then the / volume remounted itself RO while also reporting 100%
> usage..

I think I might be safe from the WD drive problem, my drives appear to
be hitachi desktstars (model HDS725050KLA360). But isn't the Areca
driver is different from the mpt one? So it would seem other drivers
have the same problem as well.