[CentOS] Re: software raid

Thu Mar 29 16:21:15 UTC 2007
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

David A. Woyciesjes spake the following on 3/29/2007 6:29 AM:
> Dave wrote:
>> Hello,
>>    I've got a 4.4 box that i'd like to implement software raid on.
>> Does anyone have any experiences with this?
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.
>     I'm going to be setting up a machine at home, for keeping backup
> copies of my data & software. For various reasons (work being one) the
> "server" is going to be a dual boot W2K/Linux machine, and I'll have
> MacOSX, W2K, and Linux clients accessing this over the network. I'll
> probably just fire up NFS for this.
>     I have a 60GB drive, and 2 80GB drives for it. I'll be adding in a
> Rosewill RC-200 PCI ATA/133 card for the 80GB drives. It says it does
> RAID, but that is probably one of those fake-RAID deals. Anybody use
> this card? Since it's likely not real RAID, my plan is to have on 80GB
> drive formatted as ext3, then use rsync daily to back that up to the
> other 80GB drive. Then I can use something like EXT2 IFS (from
> fs-driver.org) in W2K if/when I need to access the backup drives.
>     I thought about a software RAID1 in Linux ext3 format, but the
> EXT2IFS driver probably wouldn't be able to read that, right?
>     Then, to make things interesting, I have an external 300GB drive
> with NTFS format. This contains the portable copy of the data store. :)
> Not too much of an issue, since Linux can read NTFS fine. Or am I wrong
> here? Should I flip this to Ext3, considering my other thoughts on this
> setup?
The best common denominator would be fat32 on the external. Linux, Windows,
and I think even the Macs can read and write to it. The biggest limit to fat32
is the maximum of 2 gig file sizes.
Have you thought about just looking for an old PII PC in a garage sale and
just making it a server? You could use something as simple as Freenas and make
it a network storage point.


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