[CentOS] Re: software raid

Thu Mar 29 17:43:46 UTC 2007
David A. Woyciesjes <david.woyciesjes at yale.edu>

Scott Silva wrote:
> David A. Woyciesjes spake the following on 3/29/2007 6:29 AM:
>>     I'm going to be setting up a machine at home, for keeping backup
>> copies of my data & software... the
>> "server" is going to be a dual boot W2K/Linux machine, and I'll have
>> MacOSX, W2K, and Linux clients accessing this over the network...
>> ...
>>     I have a 60GB drive, and 2 80GB drives for it...
>> ...I have an external 300GB drive with NTFS format...
> The best common denominator would be fat32 on the external. Linux, Windows,
> and I think even the Macs can read and write to it. The biggest limit to fat32
> is the maximum of 2 gig file sizes.
> Have you thought about just looking for an old PII PC in a garage sale and
> just making it a server? You could use something as simple as Freenas and make
> it a network storage point.

	Thought about it, and discarded it. IIRC, there is a ~32GB partition 
limit for FAT32. Or at least WinXP won't create them bigger than that. 
Considering the files I'll be storing, I don't want to deal with 3+ 
different partitions on the external drive. :)
	Freenas sounds interesting. I'll have to have a look at it. Part of the 
current (not definitive) plan is I would be using this a a workstation 
too. Keep the number of machines to a minimum.
	Rest of the basic idea:
1 All workstations could back up to either the external drive, or the 
2 The server will sync with the external drive, at least once a week, 
using either unison(Linux) or SyncBack(Windows).
3 The server will rsync the main 80GB drive to the backup 80GB drive 

	Yes, I know that I could get myself into trouble with the 300GB 
external drive, and only 80GB of backup space on the server. I will 
probably change the external drive to an 80GB NTFS partition, so I can't 
accidentally overfill the available space. I suppose then I could create 
  an 80GB Ext3 partition, and some others for further backup & testing...

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