[CentOS] Re: Anaconda doesn't support raid10

Thu May 10 18:36:53 UTC 2007
Ruslan Sivak <rsivak at istandfor.com>

Feizhou wrote:
> Andreas Micklei wrote:
>> Am Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2007 schrieb Feizhou:
>>> So there really is no point in making /boot survive the loss of one of
>>> of the other raid1 arrays.
>> Really depends on what you have on your boot partition. ;-)
> You mean in the initrd images :D
> But seriously, when you need a /boot partition, it is only as useful 
> as the rest of the system.
This is true.  In this particular case, I wanted the boot partition to 
survive if the data disks survived.  Kinda annoying to have the data 
disks survive, but have to rebuild the system because the / or the /boot 
paritions didn't survive. 

With 500GB drives, an extra 200MB partition hardly matters, while it 
will save me a lot of headaches should one or two drives fail (assuming 
it's the right drives, and the data partition is still there).