[CentOS] Dual boot box: WinXP & CentOS 5: Impossible torestoreWinXP?

Phil Schaffner Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Mon Nov 19 21:24:48 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 15:12 -0500, Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
> Lanny Marcus wrote:
> > All of your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! I am
> > beginning to *hate* MS Windows, but there are still a few things we
> > use it for. Lanny


> There isn't really anything wrong with Windows, it's just Microsoft's
> lax default security that is the problem.

That and the slow release of patches for known exploits.

>  As Windows is 90% of the
> market, trojans, viruses, worms and rootkits will be developed for it,
> but you can set up Windows securely without too much hassle. Only
> the "Administrator" user should be part of "Administrators" and
> "Power Users" should be treated as "Administrators".

A good toolkit for Windows is the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows  at

It uses BartPE, discussed earlier, but adds a lot more tools, including
rootkit and antivirus scanners.  A clean install after data recovery is
still the best bet.


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