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On 11/28/2007 09:20 PM, Centos wrote:
> Hello
> in our Sysstat output we have the following lines, any one knows what
>  does it mean ?
> 00:00:01     CPU   i000/s  i008/s  i009/s  i014/s  i066/s  i074/s 
> i082/s  i090/s 01:20:01       0      248.09    0.00    0.00    0.00 
> 0.00    0.00 0.04   91.06 01:20:01       1     255.06    0.00    0.00
>  4.59    0.00    0.00

I guess you are monitoring interrupt activity by processor (sar -I PROC).

See "Red Hat Linux 9: Red Hat Linux System Administration Primer" [0] or
the "sar" man page - Here quote from the guide:

> By using the command sar -I PROC, it is possible to break down 
> interrupt activity by processor (on multiprocessor systems) and by 
> interrupt level (from 0 to 15):

> This report (which has been truncated horizontally to fit on the
> page) includes one column for each interrupt level (the i002/s field
> illustrating the rate for interrupt level 2). If this were a
> multiprocessor system, there would be one line per sample period for
> each CPU.
> Another important point to note about this report is that sar adds or
> removes specific interrupt fields if no data is collected for that
> field. This can be seen in the example report above; the end of the
> report includes interrupt levels (3 and 10) that were not present at
> the start of the sampling period.



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