[CentOS] Web DAV (folder) access fails

Tue Nov 13 21:13:42 UTC 2007
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

I'm trying to get web folder (DAV) access working to my CentOS 5 setup. I 
previously had it working fine under Fedora 2. I can access the folder with 
the Java-based DAVExplorer, but Windows Network Places won't let me "Add a 
Network Place", telling me that "The folder you entered does not appear to 
be valid". I'm using https with self-signed cert and htpasswd file. If I 
switch to non-SSL, Windows recognizes the URL as valid, but my logins all 
fail with a 401.

I don't see any clues in the Apache logs, and I'm not sure where to look