[CentOS] Permissions question

Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Mon Oct 1 17:45:34 UTC 2007

Thank you all for the store of knowledge.

I do have a follow up question about Rick's suggestion concerning 
ownership of the "Apache" directories.  What is a good alternative?  If 
they are "root", can Apache access them?  Is that even good?

Suggestions welcomed...


Todd Cary wrote:
> My www directory is owned by "apache" and the group is "todd" and the 
> permissions are 775.
> My Windows computers use Samba and they log into Linux with "todd".
> Under the www directory there are various directories which may have a 
> group belonging to a user e.g. "viewpoint".  Using this example, there 
> is a directory under www (acutally called httpd), "viewpoint" that is 
> owned by "apache" and is a member of the "viewpoint" group.  "todd" is 
> also a member of  the "viewpoint" group.
> Now this is the problem I do not know how to correct:  if "todd" using 
> Samba creates a directory in "viewpoint", the owner and group is 
> "todd" with 755 permissions.  Now if the "viewpoint" user tries to 
> write to the directory, he does not have adequate permissions.
> Maybe I have not setup the owners and groups correctly.  maybe there 
> is something I need to do with how Samba interacts with the server.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated...
> Todd

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