[CentOS] Permissions question

James A. Peltier jpeltier at cs.sfu.ca
Mon Oct 1 17:59:37 UTC 2007

Todd Cary wrote:
> Thank you all for the store of knowledge.
> I do have a follow up question about Rick's suggestion concerning 
> ownership of the "Apache" directories.  What is a good alternative?  If 
> they are "root", can Apache access them?  Is that even good?
> Suggestions welcomed...
> Todd
I'm a bit misunderstood about what you are trying to accomplish here? 
Are you just trying to share different files to different groups served 
by apache?

If this is the case you may be better served dishing out the content 
using something like apache basic authentication instead.  Just password 
protect the directory structure that belongs to the viewpoint group with 
a different one that belongs to the todd group.  That way you can keep 
permissions quite simple on the server side. WebDAV is also another 
great way to share files in it's simplest of senses.

Additionally, if you are just trying to share files and documents, you 
may be best to investigate DocMGR.  It's a great document management 
system that supports users and groups, full text searching and many 
other features.  Combined with WebDAV it can be quite powerful.

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