[CentOS] Intel G33 Compatibility for Centos Server

Akemi Yagi amyagi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 13:14:10 UTC 2007

On 10/8/07, Peter Kjellstrom <cap at nsc.liu.se> wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 October 2007, Michael Rock wrote:
> > Been running rock solid servers on Centos 3 and 4 for
> > years but equipment is starting to die so it is time.
> >
> > I was thinking along the lines of an Intel Q6600 on an
> > Asus P5K-VM mobo with the new G33 chipset utilizing
> > SATA. Is anyone having success with this board or any
> > of the G33 chipsets where I am not going to run into
> > all kinds of install problems?
> I just recently installed a G33 based board with centos-5 (x86_64). If the
> board has an ich9r the sata part it easy (use ahci in bios). My install
> hanged unless I passed acpi=off or pci=nommconf (the latter the real fix).
> After install I had to build my own e1000 from the intel page to get the
> onboard GigE to work and pci=nommconf is still needed (but does not cause any
> negative side effects that I know of).
> All this for an Intel DG33TL board.
> Good luck,
>  Peter

Some discussions are found on the CentOS forums:




including Peter's notes. :-)


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