[CentOS] NFS and Firewall

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Wed Oct 10 17:03:33 UTC 2007

Timothy Kesten wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm using VMWare on a Linux Host (CentOS) with a Linux-Guest Sidux).
> And I'd like to use NFS.
> Furthermore I'd like to use the Firewall in CentOS with this little GUI.
> If I activate this firewall then my Guest says "no route to host" on mounting 
> nfs.
> Firewall disabled -> no problem occurs.
> Is there a solution to use firewall _and_ nfs ?
> Please, no iptables scripts. 
> I'd like to use this small GUI for the firewall.

'this little GUI' ?    which little GUI is that?  All those firewall 
GUI's do is tweak preconfigured iptable scripts which implement the 
actual firewalling in the kernel.   The problem is, most of the GUI's 
are quite limited as to what they can and can't do, whereas iptables is 
incredibly flexible.

vmware has two basic network modes, 'bridged' and 'NAT'.    With NAT, 
the vm's are running on their own 'private' network, while with bridged, 
the VM's addresses are seen as outside systems.     You would need to 
configure the host's firewalls to allow NFS (and probably RPC and a 
bunch more) from either the private network or the specific IP(s) being 
used by the bridged adapters.   

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