[CentOS] Re: NFS and Firewall

Timothy Kesten centos-lst at gmx.de
Wed Oct 10 17:24:37 UTC 2007

Am Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2007 19:03 schrieb John R Pierce:
> 'this little GUI' ?    which little GUI is that?  

> vmware has two basic network modes, 'bridged' and 'NAT'.    With NAT,
> the vm's are running on their own 'private' network, while with bridged,
> the VM's addresses are seen as outside systems.     
bridged is running

> You would need to 
> configure the host's firewalls to allow NFS (and probably RPC and a
> bunch more) from either the private network or the specific IP(s) being
> used by the bridged adapters.
this is exactly what I want. But how???


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