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	i all
	I use linux as GiGE router and have 6 NIC on it
	Those days the NIC interrupt takes around 100% CPU but the
system is 4G memroy and 8 CPU. I can't see any error packet in this NIC
interface too
	After I block the udp, the %CPU drops. but the UDP only takes
around 8M in general
	Is there any chance you have a routing loop problem? when your
CPU jumps to 100% usage, is traffic still passing, and your applications
working? (I am also assuming that all 8CPU's are at 100% usage)
	are you blocking the UDP traffic with iptables on your linux
box? if so...maybe set it to be a log rule instead, then analyze those
	as a side note, when your interrupts are taking 100% CPU...it is
called "Live Lock" (in case you didn't know)
	We use UDP traffic for voice.
	Do you have any suggestion ?  increase the kernel parameter?
	I take it that there was no interesting information in 'dmesg'
as well.

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