[CentOS] kmod-drbd

Ross Cavanagh ross-cavanagh at bm-sms.co.jp
Thu Oct 25 00:50:44 UTC 2007


Also, just to clear things up a little, you were saying the one I had 
listed was very old, but I think it is the latest kernel as of 
yesterday. I had run yum update prior to trying to install drbd. Then 
ran the following:

yum install heartbeat drbd kmod-drbd

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 drbd                    i386       8.0.6-1.el5.centos  
extras            128 k
 heartbeat               i386       2.1.2-3.el5.centos  
extras            2.1 M
 kmod-drbd               i686       8.0.6-  
extras            789 k
 kernel                  i686       2.6.18-8.el5     installed          34 M
Installing for dependencies:
 OpenIPMI-libs           i386       2.0.6-5.el5.3    base              530 k
 heartbeat-pils          i386       2.1.2-3.el5.centos  
extras            190 k
 heartbeat-stonith       i386       2.1.2-3.el5.centos  
extras            343 k
 kernel                  i686       2.6.18-8.1.14.el5  
updates            12 M
 libtool-ltdl            i386       1.5.22-6.1       base               37 k
 lm_sensors              i386       2.10.0-3.1       base              494 k
 net-snmp-libs           i386       1:5.3.1-14.0.1.el5  
updates           1.1 M
 openhpi                 i386       2.4.1-6.el5.1    base              1.3 M

Transaction Summary
Install     11 Package(s)        
Update       0 Package(s)        
Remove       1 Package(s)        

uname -r = 2.6.18-8.1.15.el5

I didn't come across an updated kmod-drbd yet.

Sorry, might be repeating myself, but this confused me 'The newest 
kernel is 2.6.18-8.1.15.el5 ... it was just released

yesterday ... the one you have listed is very old (it is the one off the

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Ross Cavanagh wrote:
>> hi, I was following this wiki http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Ha-Drbd for
>> my CentOS 5 installation, but it appears that the kmod-drdb is not for
>> the newest kernel. Would anyone know how long before this is updated?
>> kmod-drbd               i686       8.0.6-  extras
>> kernel                  i686       2.6.18-8.el5     installed
> The newest kernel is 2.6.18-8.1.15.el5 ... it was just released
> yesterday ... the one you have listed is very old (it is the one off the
> ISOs)
> BUT you can install the other version with this command:
> wget
> http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5/updates/i386/RPMS/kernel-2.6.18-8.1.14.el5.i686.rpm
> wget
> http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5/extras/i386/RPMS/kmod-drbd-8.0.6-
> rpm -ivh kernel-2.6.18-8.1.14.el5.i686.rpm
> kmod-drbd-8.0.6-
> (each command is one line if it wraps)
> I never use yum to update my DRBD servers anyway.
> I should have the CentOS Plus kernels and all the kmods for
> 2.6.18-8.1.15 done in a couple days.
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