[CentOS] Centos5 Webcam/Video input/output

Sun Sep 9 19:15:25 UTC 2007
Stewart Walker <swalker at caspercollege.edu>

We have been exploring the possibilities using Centos5 for video.  Video and Audio Streaming sounds like great fun.

Subject is pretty new to us here and well there was nothing else to do but take the dive.

After much time beating our heads against the wall and covering the planet google'ing and hitting the books trying to get a webcam to work.
I am wondering if it wouldn't be better just to head back to the windows platform.. What a mess this has become on the open source platform.

Grant it could be hardware (ok maybe its me and the kernel not agreeing) as this is just a development system that appears to have kernel compatible hardware.

Does anyone out there have any encouraging words, howto docs or knowledge of commercial applications/support that are known to work for Centos5?

Much thanks in advance.