[CentOS] Centos5 Webcam/Video input/output

Sun Sep 9 20:35:03 UTC 2007
Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com>

Stewart Walker wrote:
> We have been exploring the possibilities using Centos5 for 
> video.  Video and Audio Streaming sounds like great fun.
> Subject is pretty new to us here and well there was nothing 
> else to do but take the dive.
> After much time beating our heads against the wall and 
> covering the planet google'ing and hitting the books trying 
> to get a webcam to work.
> I am wondering if it wouldn't be better just to head back to 
> the windows platform.. What a mess this has become on the 
> open source platform.
> Grant it could be hardware (ok maybe its me and the kernel 
> not agreeing) as this is just a development system that 
> appears to have kernel compatible hardware.
> Does anyone out there have any encouraging words, howto docs 
> or knowledge of commercial applications/support that are 
> known to work for Centos5?
> Much thanks in advance.

Well if you give us the configuration info and the version of
CentOS then maybe somebody can provide some help.

I the key factors here is which web cam and what application
are you using, as well as which version 4 or 5 of CentOS.


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