[CentOS] Multiple IP Address

Fri Sep 14 17:18:11 UTC 2007
Brett Serkez <bserkez at gmail.com>

I'm hoping that someone on this list can shed some light on how
Linux/CentOS decides which IP address to report when a Windows desktop
attempts to access it via SAMBA/WINS.

The CentOS system in question is running a single NIC and OpenVPN
which adds two additional virtual NICs.  This is a backup system,
there is another CentOS system that acts as the primary VPN server.
The local NIC is, the virtual NICs are and, respectively.

If a Windows Desktop on the local network attempts to contact this
CentOS server, it is given its 10.44.0.x address.  If a Windows
Desktop is VPN connected to the primary CentOS VPN server, with a
10.55.3.x address, it is given this CentOS server's 10.55.6.x address.

It seems the IP address of the requester is being taken into account,
perhaps looking for the closest subnet match?

Ultimately I'd like the CentOS system to always report its 10.44.0.x
address.  Is there anyway to force this behavior?