[CentOS] 2 nics, 2 networks, 2 switches

Thu Sep 20 15:02:33 UTC 2007
Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu <m3freak at thesandhufamily.ca>

On Wed, 2007-09-19 at 13:52 -0700, John R Pierce wrote:
> are there OTHER networks on the WAN accessed via B's gateway/router ?   
> network A's gateway is the internet route?
> if B's gateway has routes to the rest of 10.x.x.x, I'd just define a 
> static route like -> B's gateway/router's IP, and leave the 
> DEFAULT gateway as network A's internet/DMZ router.

Ok, I'm totally lost on this.  I think I did what you suggested, but it
didn't work.

I'm actually surprised I haven't found more info on configuring two NICs
for two separate networks.  I thought it would have been a relatively
common procedure, and therefore fairly well documented.

Anyone know of half decent sites that discuss how to implement what I'm
trying to do?


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