[CentOS] Why CentOS as a webhosting platform

Thu Sep 6 13:53:43 UTC 2007
Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com>

From: centos-bounces at centos.org 
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> Hi,
> CentOS seems to be doing really well in the hosting business 
> these days, and 
> even for people who would normally have used Windows or OSX 
> on the hosting 
> previously, are now looking at using CentOS. And I thought it 
> would be nice to 
> have a section on the wiki about exactly why that is.
> Not having any direct connection with the hosting business I 
> was wondering if 
> people here could help me out a bit and let me know why they 
> think CentOS is 
> good / bad as a platform in this market segment.
> I suppose that would include dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, 
> Shared / Virtual 
> hosting, and even high performance grid hosting that a few 
> people seem to be 
> offering these days.
> Once we have some material here in this thread, everything 
> will go online at the 
> wiki ( with due credit to all contributors ).

I would assume it is because of the cost.

Most large-scale and small-scale web hosting are looking to drive costs
down, so are more willing to choose an OS that carries the least cost

Why buy support for 1000 servers when each are identically configured?

Why not just buy support for 10 web-development/testing servers that
mirror the production servers and if an OS problem creeps up it should
be reproducable on the supported development/testing environment which
can then utilize the commercial support?

Cost is the first place I would look.


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