[CentOS] Why CentOS as a webhosting platform

Thu Sep 6 15:21:08 UTC 2007
René Standfest <centos at standfest.net>

Ray Leventhal schrieb am 06.09.2007 17:08:

> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> CentOS seems to be doing really well in the hosting business these
>> days, and even for people who would normally have used Windows or OSX
>> on the hosting previously, are now looking at using CentOS. And I
>> thought it would be nice to have a section on the wiki about exactly
>> why that is.
>> Not having any direct connection with the hosting business I was
>> wondering if people here could help me out a bit and let me know why
>> they think CentOS is good / bad as a platform in this market segment.
>> I suppose that would include dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Shared /
>> Virtual hosting, and even high performance grid hosting that a few
>> people seem to be offering these days.
>> Once we have some material here in this thread, everything will go
>> online at the wiki ( with due credit to all contributors ).
> As a web host, I'm gearing all 'soon-to-be-launched' systems to CentOS
> for many reasons.  The first was mentioned in this thread: most CP
> applications for hosting are based around RPM-friendly distros.  The
> second is actually /most/ important to me and it isn't cost.  It's this
> list and the CentOS community.  The community support for CentOS is as
> good /if not better/ than that of Upstream or any other OS's I've used
> over the past 10 years.
> The distro is solid, has longevity and is robust.  Sounds like a win-win
> to me and that's why we are migrating *all* of our systems to CentOS.

That's my opinion, too.

I never saw a project that had this quality of support on their
mailinglists/forums. Even if you ask a not so CentOS-related question you get
often real good anwsers or hints.

I think the main reasons for CentOS are:
- it's really cheap, because it's for free ;-)
- it's a enterprise grade distri, which means it's robust, well tested, stable
and you get updates for a quite long period
- the community is friendly and helpful, for beginners same as for pros

That's my 2 cents ;-)

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