[CentOS] request for hosting ( London, UK )

Wed Sep 12 20:26:26 UTC 2007
John Bowden <j-alan at btconnect.com>

On Tuesday 11 September 2007 17:10:24 Karanbir Singh wrote:
> John Hinton wrote:
> >> A couple of Sun Netra t105 have been donated to the CentOS Project.
> >> The machines are located in London and I was wondering if anyone in
> >> the area might be able to host these machines for us ?
> >
> > Nevermind... I can't read...
> > machines for us != machines in us
> Thanks for the offer though :)
> now atleast we know there is someone we can call on for a bit of hosting in
> the US :)

I have an "up to 8Mb BT Business ADSL line", all ways connected. its running a 
bit slow at the moment, (Incoming: 3776 kbps Outgoing: 448 kbps), and I plan 
to give BT a call to see if I can get it speeded up  a bit, (it was running 
at 7456kbs when I first had it installed). How much band width would you be 
needing? I'm in Telford East Midlands. I don't have any racks at the moment, 
just lots of PC's but got a 3 bed flat with one room for my servers.  I'm 
only planning to use my connection to host my own photo's for the stuff I'm 
going to sell on ebay at the moment and a bit of file sharing on the torrent 
network, and I don't mind stopping the file sharing to free up some band 
width. If that's any help?

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