[CentOS] request for hosting ( London, UK )

Thu Sep 13 14:46:52 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Hi John,

John Bowden wrote:
> I have an "up to 8Mb BT Business ADSL line", all ways connected. its running a 
> bit slow at the moment, (Incoming: 3776 kbps Outgoing: 448 kbps), and I plan 

Thanks for offering to help, i dont think 1U machines are the sorts you want to 
host at home (a) the noise will drive you over the edge [1] (b) they are not the 
most energy effecient machines when run outsude 24/7 AirCon environs.

Also the issue in that case will be the 448kbps uplink..

Coreix.net have stepped up to offer hosting. I will be speaking with them in a 
short while to see what and how we might be able to work out.

- KB

[1] I know, I have run rack machines at home for a while.
[2] It seems, Starting from Johnny Hughes, that all John's are good people, and 
awesome at helping out the project! We should call our next project 'John' :)

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