[OT] Re: [CentOS] Re: centos] CentOS 5 on IA64

Fri Sep 14 17:37:14 UTC 2007
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

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On Friday 14 September 2007, John R Pierce wrote:
> I've gotten away with running some 208V equipment on a 120V UPS using a
> step-up transformer which had a 208V tap (and 220V, 240V).  Of course,
> 3000VA is going to require a 120V 30A outlet to power said transformer
> (and a UPS with 30A output probably needs a 50A circuit to feed it).

Input power not a problem; we have a 125KVA Leibert PDU for the server room 
(about 4,000 square feet raised floor with 30 tons of A/C (Leibert System 3 
15 ton x2)).  There are a few L21-30R's, L5-30R's, and L6-30R's under the 

> (googles, oh.  12V 75AH
> monsters, online looks like $125 each).
> I'd put said batteries in a
> series of battery boxes, and install the whole mess some place like the
> basement, with ventilation to prevent accumulation of hydrogen fumes.

You've just described the way our 48VDC system is connected, with the 
exception of the type of battery...we have a bank of 24 C&D KCT-450's for 
48VDC, with two Lorain RHM200D50's floating them (cells and rectifiers were 
donated to us).  The cells are in an old munitions building that was on-site 
(please don't ask; look up our history on www.pari.edu....:-)) that we moved 
from the pistol range to the back of the main building, and ran four 
2/0 'jumpers' to.

But if someone wanted to support an educational institution and wanted to 
lease floor space and/or bandwidth (we currently have 100Mb/s to the 
Internet, and an OC3 to our co-lo in Asheville (also our ISP's PoP; see 
www.ercbroadband.org) (which is part of the reason my equipment budget is so 
lean!)), we would love to talk.  Perhaps even for CentOS mirroring and/or 

Peter Arremann visited us a while back (by the way, Peter: good article in LJ, 
and thanks again for the UltraSPARC goodies!); he could fill you in on how it 
was when he visited.
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