[CentOS] Disabling shutdown and suspend for normal users

Wed Sep 19 13:49:34 UTC 2007
Bernhard Gschaider <bgschaid_lists at ice-sf.at>

>>>>> On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 15:20:37 +0200
>>>>> "HvL" == Henk van Lingen <henkvl at cs.uu.nl> wrote:

    HvL> Hi,

    HvL> [CentOS 5]

    HvL> What is the best way to remove the shutdown and suspend
    HvL> options from menu's for normal users?

    HvL> After googling around, I added "SystemMenu=false" to the
    HvL> greeter section in /etc/gdm/custom.conf. After that the GDM
    HvL> login screen still shows the options, but 'restart' indeed
    HvL> doesn't work anymore.  However, the gnome menu's when logged
    HvL> in, still have the 'suspend' options, which still leads to a
    HvL> hanging (unwakeble) machine.

Just set HaltCommand to nothing:


Same for Reboot and Suspend (Havn't tried suspend yet) but my machines
allow Reboot and Halt neither from the user menus nor the Login-Screen

I think in the [daemon]-section of the config-file

    HvL> BTW: I prefer editing config files instead of stupid gui's,
    HvL> as I have to change a lot of machines :-)

Of course