[CentOS] [solved] Re: Openoffice 2.3 on centos 5 issue

Mon Sep 24 11:55:51 UTC 2007
beast <beast at ldap.or.id>

On 22/09/07 12:58 +0700, beast wrote:
>Believe it or not, i've reinstalled 5 times (using kickstart, gnome desktop
>but rather minimal pkgs)
>I have tried ver 2.2.1 also, but same issue. However it works on other C5
>with full install with original OO removed.
>I guess it depends on the some pkg which i did not know. I have tried 
>tomcat-* but still no luck. 
>Any other clue?

This is just because of date settings in the PC, its 2002 :(
solve now, thanks.