[CentOS] too many links error when creating directories

Fri Sep 28 04:45:57 UTC 2007
umair shakil <umairshakeel at gmail.com>


CentOs or RedHat flavours donot come up with "Reiserfs support by default".
u can install
it using like

yum install enablerepo=centosplus reiserfs-utils

please confirm the command as i used this long time ago....

Suppose, u want to /var to be reiserfs supported, u have to format /var with
resierfs, there is no need to format whole OS.

Long time, i used this scenario, but unfortunately donot remember the
i know when i did, it was tricky.... soon as i get any help i will update.


Umair Shakil

On 9/28/07, chitgoks <chitgoks at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi , our centos os has an ext3 file system. and i cant create any more
> directories, it gives me a too many links error, even when doing a manual
> mkdir.
> is there any workaround for this? without changing it to a different file
> system like reiserFS? we dont have a reiserfs module in the os so it will
> have to be installed. and can it be possible to install a reiserFS without
> having to reformat the os? just mount it after installing? please advise
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