[CentOS] too many links error when creating directories

Fri Sep 28 04:52:42 UTC 2007
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Fri, Sep 28, 2007, chitgoks wrote:
>   hi , our centos os has an ext3 file system. and i cant create any more
>   directories, it gives me a too many links error, even when doing a
>   manual mkdir.

I don't know whether it's applicable here, but I ran into a
problem years ago where there was a limit on the number of
directories at the root of a file system, but only at the root
of the system.  The solution was to create symbolic links in the
top level directory to subdirectories.

I haven't seen this problem on Linux systems, and we have some
/home directories with about 10,000 subdirectories.

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