[CentOS] too many links error when creating directories

Fri Sep 28 05:09:23 UTC 2007
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Thu, Sep 27, 2007, John R Pierce wrote:
>chitgoks wrote:
>>hi john
>>ext3 does have its limit right? because i am planning on upgrading the 
>>file system to reiser instead. does retuning the file system always 
>>have you require to back up your data?
>ext3's inode limits are set when you create the file system.     the 
>defaults are generally adequate, unless you're going to create very many 
>very tiny files (say, <= 4K).
>AFAIK,  ReiserFS is completely unsupported by RHEL and CentOS.    You'll 
>be on your own.

I would avoid reiserfs as I've seen far too many cases where
there has been massive data loss with it.  I've used xfs
extensively on SuSE systems without problems, but haven't tried
it on centos as it's not supported by the base systems.

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