[CentOS] Server Shut Down!!!!

Wed Apr 9 01:48:29 UTC 2008
Harry Sukumar <hsukumar at bond.edu.au>

Good Day All,


I have a serious problem on one of my servers running CentOS 5!!! 


The problem started this way, 


I wanted to store some data under /home and I got an error message
saying it is in the read only mode 


So I rebooted the machine, 


Then I see this serious error messages at boot time (I am unable to


Here is the Error Message!!!


*** Error occurred during the file system check.

*** Dropping you to shell; the system will reboot

*** when you leave the shell

Give root password for maintenance 

(or type control D to continue):

Bash: dircolors: command not found

Bash: /usr/bin/id: No such file or directory

Bash: [:=: unary operator expected

(Repair filesystem)1 #


When I press control D the machine reboots itself and comes back to the
same prompt asking for root password for maintenance 


Your help in this matter is highly appreciated


Many Thanks



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