[CentOS] Full Screen Mode

Sat Apr 19 17:46:55 UTC 2008
John Wojnaroski <castle at mminternet.com>


Just finished installing Centos5.1 on two machines (P4s, Nvidia 
graphics, Gnome desktop)  Running OpenGL applications and need to run in 
full screen mode without any frame borders or window icons across 
multiple monitors. ( 4 monitors with two dual-headed Nvidia cards in 
twinview mode )

One machine works just fine, the other retains the Gnome frame and opens 
the apps in an X-term window.  Have compared the X11 startup files, 
Xsession, scripts, Gnome settings, and can't find any differences.  
Obviously, I'm missing something, somewhere

Under Debian things work just fine.  Sure I'll eventually find it, but 
any help would be appreciated.

Also is there anyway to turn off the update popup window?  Not to cool 
when it shows up on the game screen....