[CentOS] Another samba problem - SOLVED!

Sat Apr 19 19:46:16 UTC 2008
Morten Nilsen <morten at runsafe.no>

Anne Wilson wrote:
> Unbelievably simple, once I found it.  /etc/hosts had lost several lines.  I 
> have no idea how that could have happened, but one of the missing lines was 
> the address of the server.  I can now see all the server's shares within 
> konqueror!

Yes, that would indeed do it..

However, there has in "recent" years been made some progress in this 
field, and DNS has solved the issue of hosts-files being corrupted or 
out of sync between machines on the local network..

It might be worth the effort to set up dhcp with ddns updates - it makes 
such interoperability a piece of cake!