[CentOS] Apache Authorization Access Control - location ofhtpasswd in Centos 5.1?

Sun Apr 6 14:24:08 UTC 2008
Pam Astor <pamastor at hotmail.com>

> >>> I tried creating a password file by executing htpasswd -c /passwd/passwords> > famsite but apparently htpasswd is not in my path, I'm getting the "cannot> > create file /passwd/passwords famsite" error.> >> >> >> > Anyone know where the default location of htpasswd is on a centos 5.1> > install? Or how to generate a password file on a centos 5.1 install?> > > There's a utility called 'which' you can use to discover the location> of certain apps you want to learn about.> > Thanks! Ok I ran /usr/bin/htpasswd -c /passwd/passwords famsite as root, and still got> > the cannot create file error.> > Does the /passwd directory exist? It does now.  It did not when I first ran the command, however I just created the directory /passwd/passwordsand re ran the command as root, and still no luck. 
PS, I think there are some permission requirements for the directory and file as well.  I think they have to be owned by 'apache'. 
The dirs were owned by root, so I just chown'ed to apache, re ran the command 
/usr/bin/htpasswd -c /passwd/passwords famsite, still no luck. 
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