[CentOS] Apache Authorization Access Control - locationofhtpasswd in Centos 5.1?

Sun Apr 6 15:02:24 UTC 2008
Thomas Dukes <tdukes at sc.rr.com>



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locationofhtpasswd in Centos 5.1?

> >>> I tried creating a password file by executing htpasswd -c
/passwd/passwords> > famsite but apparently htpasswd is not in my path, I'm
getting the "cannot> > create file /passwd/passwords famsite" error.> >> >>
>> > Anyone know where the default location of htpasswd is on a centos 5.1>
> install? Or how to generate a password file on a centos 5.1 install?> > >
There's a utility called 'which' you can use to discover the location> of
certain apps you want to learn about.
> > Thanks! Ok I ran /usr/bin/htpasswd -c /passwd/passwords famsite as root,
and still got
> > the cannot create file error.
> Does the /passwd directory exist?
It does now.  It did not when I first ran the command, however 
I just created the directory /passwd/passwords
and re ran the command as root, and still no luck.
I think you only need to create the directory /passwd, then use 'touch' to
create the file, passwords 

Thanks Thomas,
Not familiar with the "touch" command, can you point me to info on it, or
the command syntax?

 Not sure if htpasswd creates the password file.  If not, the as root, run:
touch passwords ,in the  /passwd directory.  It will be an empty file, but
the 'htpasswd -c' should create this for you.
I think you have a permissions problem so if you create the passwrds file
with touch, you probably won't be able to add the password to it using
htpasswd either.
Where are you creating these directories?  In the past when I used this, my
passwd directory was /var/www/passwd/


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