{Disarmed} [CentOS] I meet a problem on installing CentOS4.4 ServerCD.

Thu Apr 17 19:41:29 UTC 2008
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at ActiveNetwerx.com>

>Indeed, the LSI logic controllers that ship with some HP workstations
>do not provide adequate RAID protection and as such, is recommended
>that you either install another RAID controller in the machine or use
>software RAID.

Most onboard controllers are pretty lackluster, and those that use fake raid are obviously pretty hokey.

>The LSI Logic MegaRAID 8888ELP is pretty good,
>although a bit pricey.  I thoroughly dislike HP's own RAID controller
>offerings - had more problems with them than I care to mention here.

I hope you don't dislike HP's controllers designed for the its servers, like the P800 etc, as they are using the same chip as your preferred controller :) The e/p line of smart array controllers have been the most rock solid controllers (including my OE LSI's like the one you mention) I have ever used.