[CentOS] GUI

Mon Apr 21 12:31:11 UTC 2008
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

Hamood Iqbal wrote on Mon, 21 Apr 2008 06:11:12 -0400:

> yumex: /opt/zenoss/lib/libpng12.so.0: no version information available

> So what should i do?

I remember someone posting about problems with Zenoss very recently. It seems I 
deleted those postings, but I think it was you. AFAIR, everyone told you that 
Zenoss installs a bunch of software that replaces the already existing CentOS 
software and that's why you hit various problems. To me it looks like you are 
still struck/stuck with the same problem. In this case it seems that Zenoss 
replaced the information about where to look for libraries with its own path as 
the library that the system would normally use is at /usr/lib/libpng12.so.0. 
There's a tool called ldconfig which might help to sort this out. Maybe Zenoss 
just added itself before the normal ldconfig search path, look in /etc/ld.so.conf 
and /etc/ld.so.conf.d. 
If you insist on messing up your CentOS system with Zenoss (at least it looks like 
Zenoss in the way you install it does that) then you would be better off to ask 
for help on the Zenoss forums as they should know what it does and should also be 
able to recommend a better way of installing it or a Linux distribution that fits 
better with it.


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