[CentOS] Re: vfs objects = recycle

Mon Apr 28 23:46:02 UTC 2008
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 4-28-2008 4:24 PM John spake the following:
> John
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> on 4-25-2008 11:46 AM John spake the following:
>> On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 11:13 -0700, Scott Silva wrote:
>>> on 4-25-2008 8:04 AM John spake the following:
>>>> [public]
>>>>         vfs objects = recycle
>>>>         recycle:repository = Recycle Bin
>>>> --------------------------------------
>>>> Just want to be clear if I use the vfs recycle option does 
>>>> "recycle:repository = Recycle Bin" get put into the the public 
>>>> directory? As I am having a problem with deleting files on a client 
>>>> and then can't empty the trash because of permission problems. Will 
>>>> this solve this issue or do I have problems elsewhere?
>>>> Keep in mind this is a mixed node network with windows and linux. 
>>>> I'm taking pointers from any one with heavy samba experiance. As I 
>>>> am no samba guy. Also pointers on clustering samba with DFS.
>>> It gets put in the root of the share that you activate it in. I am 
>>> not sure if you can make it a global option, but maybe.
>> That's where it gets put. After editing the conf file and putting the 
>> option in.
>>> I'm not sure of what your issue is, when you say "empty the trash" do 
>>> you mean deleting files from "Recycle Bin"?
>> Logged in as root on a linux client using share mode can't delete a 
>> file or folder when made by root on the samba server in one of the shares.
>> That is using the user nobody. Would that be correct as user nobody 
>> only can't delete file made by root n the samba server.
>> I suspect after really thinking about it I'll be much better of adding 
>> the linux client to Active Directory and do all authentication that 
>> way to solve everything. Then later on setup samba to serve the 
>> Windows user profiles.
> I'm not on AD yet, hoping to put that bullet off for a while.
> I kinda Beg to differ on that bullet. MS Admins know Active Directory is
> about the holey grail of authentication in corporate networking. Single Sign
> Authentication says it all. I have reliazed I am spinning in the wind to
> have two different auth mechanisms. My scope of view is automate any and
> everything that can be. Consolodate services to save money (microsoft
> licence fees) Means actually only two MS servers Primary and Secondary
> Domain Controllers (PDC and BDC).
> I left out LDAP Servers for a reason. Not so easy to use and setup versus
> AD.
Just postponing the learning to a less busy time. Maybe with some 
experimentation time before going live.

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